Airwrap FAQ's

What does your slogan “Surround them with AIR” mean?  AIRWRAP™ is designed to offer more available air than traditional bumpers and other bumper alternatives.  The slim-line design and leaving the corners uncovered for venting, promote passive airflow.  The fabrics used in construction are air-permeable and can be breathed through.

What is it made of? AIRWRAP™ is 100% cotton muslin outer layer with polyester mesh inner. AIRWRAP™ Mesh is 100% polyester mesh with a cotton/polyester trim.


Is it padded? It is padded to a thickness of approximately 4 to 5mm while still being air-permeable and breathable and slim line for optimal airflow. 

What is muslin? Muslin is a soft and light woven fabric which is almost sheer in appearance. It is beautifully soft and air-permeable too.

Why are the corners of my cot/crib not covered? Vented corners allow for more fresh air to pass through the cot/crib. Lab testing shows that even air-permeable or breathable materials impede the movement of air and held similar CO2 disbursement properties to non-breathable materials. Air-permeable/ breathe through is great but air-permeable with airflow is even better.

Will it fit my cot/crib? The grip tape of the AIRWRAP™ allows it to be adjusted to fit most rectangular cots/cribs, including larger sizes. Each piece has hook and loop tape at either end for a maximum range of fitment. 

Why is it only 27cm/11 inches high? In some countries products like these have to be below a specific height to meet their standards. Even though its air-permeable/breathe through, it is still important we leave plenty of room for airflow. 

What age is it suitable for? From birth until such time that your child is able to interfere with the fitment. Government recommendations are labelled and vary between countries.

Should I use a fan? Yes, whether you are using an AIRWRAP™ product or not you should use a fan in your baby’s room. Many organisations, including Red Nose Australia, confirm that using a fan decreases the risk of SIDS regardless of room temperature.  Air quality and air access are important elements in a baby’s sleep environment whether at home or on the go.

Does it guarantee that my baby is safe? We don’t believe that any product can truly guarantee the safety of a baby. Parents should always remain diligent about their child’s well-being. Ever since there have been cots and cribs parents have wanted to protect their babies from the rails and gaps.  AIRWRAP™ is a solution product offering what we believe to be the best balance of safety and performance.  

Does it protect a baby from SIDS? AIRWRAP™ has a number of features that make it safer than alternatives when choosing rail and gap protection for your cot or crib.  

What are the risks of using an AIRWRAP™If fitted incorrectly and your AIRWRAP™ becomes loose, it could pose an entanglement risk. Although air-permeable, fitted incorrectly it could create a CO2 rebreathing risk if multiple layers piled together within the cot/crib. If fitted incorrectly with the corners covered, it could promote a build-up of CO2 in the cot/crib, a known mechanism of SIDS/SUDI. If the surface of your AIRWRAP™ is damaged and rough it could pose and abrasion risk.

What about product testing? Tested for quality, safety and performance. AIRWRAP™ products are free from all the nasties like Formaldehyde, lead, phthalates and azo dyestuffs. Air-permeability rated and its design has been lab tested to have more airflow than other air-permeable products.

How do I clean it? The AIRWRAP™ can be washed on a gentle, cold cycle in a normal front or top-loading machine, or hand washed. Secure grip tape in place prior to washing to avoid snagging. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean. Do not iron.

Care and Cleaning 

100% Cotton (quilted) outer & 100% Polyester Mesh Inner: Secure grip tape in place prior to washing to avoid snagging. Cold machine gentle cycle or cold hand wash. Line dry in shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean. Do not iron.
Important: Shrinking outer cotton layer will affect air-permeability

Polyester Mesh with Polyester Cotton Trim: Secure grip tape in place prior to washing to avoid snagging. Cold machine gentle cycle or cold hand wash. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean. Do not iron.