Airwrap Cot Liner Mesh 2 Sides - White
Airwrap Cot Liner Mesh 2 Sides - White
Airwrap Cot Liner Mesh 2 Sides - White

Airwrap Cot Liner Mesh 2 Sides - White


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The AIRWRAP cot liner is an alternative to a cot bumper and is one of Australia's most trusted and popular nursery bedding items since 2006. Moderately padded to help parents protect their baby from knocks and from tangling in the cot framework. Air-permeable with vented corners for air to move.

Designed in Australia, the adjustable 2-piece construction fits most rectangular cots with rails/slats on both sides and is machine washable.

  • Keeps arms, legs and pacifiers inside the cot
  • Moderate protection against bumps and knocks
  • Provides a visual shield
  • Open corners provide ventilation channels for air to move
  • Non-Pillowy slimline construction
  • Air-permeable/breathe through materials
  • Tested to be non-toxic and not produce any VOCs
  • Free from bumper ties
  • Bumper alternative
  • Machine washable
  • Fits most rectangular cots with rails/slats on up to 4 sides
  • Contains 2 adjustable pieces
  • Designed in Australia. Registered Design ®
  • Polyester mesh, Cotton/Polyester trim.


Each pack contains: 2 x Side Pieces and 2 x End Pieces. 

Composition: 100% Polyester mesh, Cotton/Polyester trim.

Care Instructions - Polyester air-permeable mesh, polyester and cotton trim. Secure grip tape in place prior to washing to avoid snagging. Cold machine wash on gentle cycle or cold hand wash. Line dry. Trim loose threads if they appear. Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean. Do not iron. KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE. Manufactured by The Little Linen Company, Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia 3167. Made in China.

IMPORTANT. Remove or do not use if
• The fit is sagging.
• Can be used as a climbing aid once your child can stand.
• Cannot be fitted securely.
• Any of the materials are damaged or rough.