Wholesale Customer Account Application Form


Minimum first order amount is $150.00 ex-GST
Freight Charges are FIS (free into store) for orders over $370.00 inc-GST to CBD/Metro locations
Non-CBD/Metro receive a $25.00 inc-GST ‘freight deduction’ for orders over $370 inc-GST
Goods remain the property of TLLC Pty Ltd until payment is received. Goods are not available for resale on eBay or other non-customer proprietary sales or auction sites
Drop Shipping services are not offered

I/We undertake to advise of any change to ownership and I agree with the trading terms listed on this form
I/We confirm web sales are only via proprietary owned shopping cart on my/our own URL, not via 3rd party sales or auction sites
I/We note that the trading terms listed on this form have been explained to us by the supplier
I/We am representative of the advice mentioned company and are authorised to sign on its behalf
I/We confirm only products purchased by us will be advertised for sale online